High speed carbon steel sand filter High speed carbon steel sand filter

High speed carbon steel sand filter

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  • Brand Name: peide

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  • Packaging Details: wooden packing sand filter
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High speed carbon steel sand filter

Quartz sand filter removes impurities from raw water to achieve water reuse. Filter is automatic operation and back-flushing, under control system of dp-switch (pressure drop), butterfly and PLC control system. 

Sand filter Pictures

QQ20141029154510 .jpg

              Big-flow auto                        Small-flow auto                        Small-flow auto                     big-flow manual        small-flow manual

How does the quartz Sand filter works

Raw water passes inside water distributor into filter media layer (quartz sand), which let impurities stay at sand layer. Clean water flow out stably from water collector. When the pressure drop reaches the given value, the cleaning cycle is started. The rinse control start working at pressure drop value at 0.05-0.15MPa, return to 0.02-0.04MPa after back flushing.

Quartz sand inside tank mixed with coarse and fine sands. They are allocated above water distributor averagely. Even in back flushing, water consumption is little. Tank inside has rubber line and plastic line for option. It is for anti-corrosion, which ensure a tank can be used 10-20years. The completed filter control system has finished already in factory.



Technical Parameter
Sand filter Parameter


Single Flow Rate


Design Pressure

7.5-16 bar 

Water inlet pressure

2.5-3 bar 

The Range of Working Temperature

20-120.C (68-248.F)

Seal Type

O-ring and Washer 

Connect Method


Surface Treatment

Matt Spray Beads, Mirror Polishing, Electropolishing 

Control Method

Differential pressure switch, Time control and manual control

Filter sand type

Quartz sand, activated carbon, Anthracite, fiber ball, resin 

Filter medium supply

We can supply different kind filter medium and combination

Equipment Chamber Material

Carbon steel 304ss or 316L

The key of filter effect

water distribution and catchment technology


Where to use quartz Sand filter

Swimming pool, hotel spa, water entertainment, aquarium, fish farm 

Irrigation in agriculture
Drinking water pre-treatment
Industrial recycled water, central air-condition system


Model Specification
We have models for choose

 Quartz sand filter with water enters from top

Item Model





Connect size  


Filter area

Flow rate  


1 QLQ500×700 520 816 40 0.2 6-10
2 QLQ600×766 620 874 40 0.28 8-14
3 QLQ700×819 720 899 40 0.38 12-19
4 QLQ800×872 820 957 50 0.5 15-25
5 QLQ900×1024 920 1104 50 0.64 18-30
6 QLQ1000×1079 1000 1164 50 0.79 23-39
7 QLQ1100×1131 1100 1211 50 0.95 28-47
8 QLQ1200×182 1200 1267 80 1.13 33-55



Quartz sand filter with water enters from side


Item Model





Connect size  


Filter area

Flow rate  


1 QLQ1400×1700 1400 1700 100 1.54 45-75
2 QLQ1600×1800 1600 1800 150 2.01 60-100
3 QLQ1800×1900 1800 1800 150 2.54 75-125
4 QLQ2000×2000 2000 1900 150 3.14 95-155
5 QLQ2000×2000 2200 2000 150 3.8 115-190
6 QLQ2400×2100 2400 2100 150 4.52 130-210
7 QLQ2600×2400 2600 2400 150 5.3 145-225
8 QLQ2800×2500 2800 2500 200 6.15 155-240
9 QLQ3000×2600 3000 2600 200 7 170-255


Diagram on pressure drop

5 .jpg

Installation Diagram
Drawings help you understand clear

jpg english2.jpg

QQ20141120131724 .jpg


Install Notice
Attentions in using

1. When quartz sand filter first into use, users should clean sand firstly, after that to start filtration.

2. Turn all operating valves slowly, to avoid water impact. 
3. Keep sharp or hard things away from filter. 
4. Keep away from fire and high temperature.
5. Make sure sand is clean when not using.

Sand filter How to install ?

Before installing a quartz sand filter, please make sure the ground is strong and even. The space is big enough for connecting pipes, valves and repair. 

The filter needs changes sands after using some time. Follow below steps one by one:
1.Take down control valve
2.Pour sand into tank, by covering a protective cover at the inlet to avoid sand inside
After replacing new sand, return control valve, connect tightly. Remember there’s a pressure gauge, but not fasten it tightly. Make sure each pipe connection is correct and no leak.


Internal Fitting
Sand filter Inside look


Sand Filter media

Natural quartz sand: contains SiO2, smooth and clean out appearance. 

Quartz sand from mine bed: irregular shape of sand, with strong hardness.
Sea sand: smooth and clean out appearance.
      2014913112933743       2014913112914532


Sand filter Othering fittings

QQ20141212102216 .jpg

Sand filter Packing

QQ20141212104534 .jpg


Manufacturing process






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Do you have certificates?

Yes , we have ISO / CE certificate and certificate of patent

Do you have design team?
We have a professional design team provide drawings, we wait for your confirmation and production

Can you guarantee delivery time ?
Timely transport, ensure the delivery time

Are you maufacturer ?
Yes, we are the professional water treatment equipment manufacturer in china


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